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What We Do

Piano Refinishing

Refinishing a piano – a fine musical instrument – requires careful attention to detail. It is a thorough process that in the end will please the eye and create years of musical enjoyment. The goal of piano refinishing is simple: as closely as possible restore the piano to its original look. Our process includes the following steps:

  • -Removal of all hardware and necessary pieces
  • -Shielding and protection of all internal workings
  • -Hand strip exterior of piano
  • -Sanding
  • -Make all necessary repairs (including veneer repair)
  • -Stain application
  • -Seal furniture
  • -Hand sanding of piano between coats
  • -Toned to match your desired color
  • -Apply another coat of sealer
  • -Application of final coat of finish (sanding between coats)
  • -Prior to application of last coat, we will apply manufacturer’s decal
  • -Final coat of finish to seal in decal

Fire and Water Damage Repair

Has your furniture — or wood surfaces — been damaged by fire and water? Or have they been over-exposed to the elements?

We can restore your pieces to like-new or original condition. We can even perform restoration if further damage has been caused by disaster recovery teams or cleaning companies.

You can count on us to help with nearly any damage repair requirement — from soot and grime removal to re-upholstering, from repairing a single piece to refinishing an entire household of furniture. We work directly, and closely, with insurance adjusters even providing short and long term storage to accommodate your needs.



Entrance Doors Refinishing

Your front entry door is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. If your entry door is showing signs of wear — the color fading, the finish peeling — we can turn what is old to like new again! With a turnaround time of approximately 3 days, we will remove your door and secure your exposed home or business with a temporary shield – all without screwing into your door frame and thus avoiding any need for touching up or patching the door jam.


Chair Caning

Original cane chairs are a real treasure – a link to an age gone by. If you have one that is damaged, do not hesitate. Let us help you bring it back to life. We will carefully remove the existing damaged cane on your chair. Then, at your direction we can provide these quality caning services:

  • Press
  • Hand-woven
  • Rush
  • Binder
  • Flat Flat
  • Danish Cord

Finally, once the caning process is complete, we will stain or tone your caning to match its pre-existing color. Your chair will be lovely, like new, and extending new life to a treasured item from the past!

Handwoven  – view from top                                                   Handwoven – view from bottom



Danish Cord

DSC03212 DSC03215

Specialty Caning

Restoration and Staining

Why waste a ton of money on new furniture if you have an old piece you really like that is simply showing the signs of normal wear? Let us restore and refinish this piece for you. Older pieces beautifully refinished are a great way to enhance your home’s style and appearance. The decorative aspect of a finish functions to enhance the innate features of the wood. We pride ourselves in giving each individual piece the attention it deserves. We guarantee to meet your expectations. We can mix, match or tone your furniture to the color of your preference.

Leather Replacement

Some folks have the impression that once a leather piece is damaged it is difficult to restore. It can be if you lack experience. Our process is very detailed and the final result well worth the effort. Our process includes:

  • -Removal of all traces of previous covering, this includes removal of glue, filling, and sanding the surface flat.
  • -Application of glue to surface. We spread the adhesive evenly over the entire surface where the leather will lay.
  • -Carefully we position the leather, taking care not to stretch the leather, and checking for correct alignment with all edges.
Mirror and Glass Replacement

One of our specialties is replacing broken mirror glass in the home – from mirrors and china cabinets to tabletops. Our services include:

  • -Curved Radius glass for china cabinets
  • -Beveled mirrors
  • -Plain and Polished mirrors
  • -Plate glass for coffee table tops
  • -Glass shelving

Recliner Repair

Is your recliner no longer reclining in the same manner it once did? We can repair or replace your recliners mechanism. Let us evaluate the degree of damage in order to determine the repairs that are needed. No need to waste money on a new chair when your old and comfortably reliable one still has a lot of life left in it.

Furniture Gluing

Besides accidental breakage, a joined piece of furniture may fail for a number of reasons. More often than not failure is caused by wear and tear which produces racking stresses on the joint (example; backs legs on a chair). There is also the normal expansion and shrinkage of joints due to seasonal changes. These two forces may operate independently or together to produce failure at the glue line. A joint may also have been improperly cut when originally constructed with one of the components either too large or small. Let us assist you with even the simplest of repairs. Whether it is a drawer that has fallen apart or a chair the children have leaned back in one too many times. Just because an item is in pieces does not mean it is ready for a landfill. Let us have at it. We can re-glue it and give it back the same strength it once had.

Table Pads

Don’t risk marring your fine table. Have a custom pad made. We will come to your home and make a pattern of your table, ship this pattern to the manufacturer, and presto, in a timely manner your new pad will arrive. We provide custom made pads to fit nearly any size table.

  • -Protects from spills dents and scratches
  • -Excellent sound absorption
  • -Protects your fine china and crystals
  • -Excellent writing surface
  • -Moisture-proof vinyl top surface
  • -Heat protection from accidental sources of heat up to 550 degrees
Upholstery Repair

Let us re-cover your seat bottoms or re-upholster your Antique Victorian sofa. Part of our skilled team is a wonderful upholsterer ready to handle a large variety of pieces. No job is too complex, too little, or too big. From foam replacement and re-webbing to framework and spring repairs, we can recapture the tactile beauty of your furniture as well as the functional comfort. Our process includes:

-Removal of all existing fabric

-All necessary repairs

-Retying of springs (if necessary)

-Re webbing (if necessary)

-Foam replacement

-Adding of tacks, gimp, or chording to give your piece a decorative edge.

Inspired Fabrics

Inspiration is easy at Pender’s. We are a distributor of Greenhouse Fabrics offering an extensive selection of the latest designer fabrics to meet nearly any taste and budget. Our knowledgeable staff is here to serve you and help guide you in your selection process.


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Veneer Replacement

It is no secret that extreme heat and dampness can do a number on wood veneer furniture. Veneer is particularly sensitive to weather. Heat, water, cold and dampness can cause the veneer to warp, peel or even separate from the wood surface below. Our skilled team knows veneer. We can repair or replace even the most exotic of veneers – even on the smaller pieces of furniture.