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handling any of your restoration and repurposing needs

Since 1993, Pender’s has had its doors open in the North Raleigh area with an 8,000 square foot workspace. We have been very proud of our shop and what it has allowed us to accomplish since opening. We designed this workshop to be specifically geared to handle any of our customers restoration and repurposing needs.

We have one of the only wood stripping rooms that utilizes a flammable base stripper in North Carolina which allows us to safely and swiftly turn around your projects. We also have a large showroom that we utilize to show off pieces that we have been working on and some that are for sale. Come by and check out our workspace and showroom that we are so very proud of.

Stripping Room

Furniture Stripping

Stripping wood furniture of its old or original finish is the first and vitally important step in the refinishing process. There is a popular misconception that stripping furniture in a vat or dipping as it is called compromises the overall structure of the furniture and harms the joints. This is false. Let me explain our stripping procedures.

We hand and vat strip depending on the piece. We use a flammable base stripper which strips faster than hand stripping or an overflow system, used by a lot of refinishers. They use a methylene chloride stripper that is much harsher on the furniture.

Vat stripping is faster and more efficient. The piece of furniture is dipped in the tank, quickly scrubbed free of the finish and then immediately dried on a rack. Your pieces of furniture actually spend less time in the chemical then with a flow over system of stripping. We do not rinse off the chemical as there is no need to do that. We have a complete explosion proof room with an exhaust system with fresh air supply. Most refinishers are against vat stripping simply because they do not have the set up that we do.

Sanding and Repairing Room

Furniture Repair

A major component of the furniture restoration process happens in the sanding and repairing room. Here, we are able to sand your pieces down to their original state, repair any broken parts, and turn your antique back into the piece that it once was.

We take care of broken armchairs, glue back on decorative molding, sand every nook and cranny of the armoires, hammer on floor protectors to side tables, and so much more right here in this room. Without this room, we wouldn’t be able to complete our 3-step process of restoring every piece of furniture to the highest quality that we apply to every piece. This room is key to ensuring that your cherished piece is restored properly before we move it to the final room.

Finishing Room

Furniture Staining/Painting

Our staining and painting room is equipped to take care of all of your furniture restoration needs. We are able to stain your antique pieces to make them look like they are brand new. You can choose from a number of different stains to make sure you get the color you are wanting your piece to have.

Also, a popular trend in furniture today is painting an older wood piece to make it look more modern. Painting furniture allows you to keep your solid wood pieces that are extremely sturdy and turn them into a piece that matches your homes décor. We are able to make these pieces look very professional and clean which keeps your home looking stylish.

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