Weatherproofing Your Outdoor Furniture

Weatherproofing Outdoor Furniture | Pender's Antiques

Weatherproofing Your Outdoor Furniture

Over time, your outdoor furniture will have faced rain, wind, heat, cold, hail, fog, morning dew, and so many other weather-related factors. Prepare your furniture before it starts to show wear and tear.

You may think that weathered outdoor furniture is just a way of life. That you are supposed to go out and purchase new outdoor pieces every few years. This is simply not true. A solid piece of outdoor wooden furniture can last decades if it is taken care of. The best way to prevent weathering on your favorite outdoor wooden pieces is to apply a sealant or a stain to it. Here is how you would go about weatherproofing your outdoor wooden furniture.

Your first step is going to be sanding. You will need to sand the piece of furniture to allow the sealant to set. Start by using rough 60-grit sandpaper to tackle any imperfections in the wood and to remove any previous treatment. Finish with finer 180 or 220-grit sandpaper to make it as smooth and even as possible. Clean the surface after sanding to remove any sanding residue.

Note: If you’re buying furniture, then this will already have been done so you may just need to wipe it down so that you have a clean, dry surface.

Second step is to choose your sealant and stain that you want to use. It is important to choose the correct sealant for the piece of furniture you are working on. Most sealants and stains will be sold for the application you need it for. For example, you’ll find fence sealant, deck sealant, and furniture sealant.

Third step will be to apply the first coat of sealant. Be sure to apply the sealant or stain evenly with your brush or sprayer and allow it to dry for up to ten hours, depending on the product’s instructions.

Fourth step is to sand again. This time you will want to sand it very lightly using a very fine 220-grit or 320-grit sandpaper to allow the following coats to set.

Fifth step is to apply the second coat of stain. Apply the second coat and allow it to dry once more, remembering that each coat will take longer to dry than the previous one. Once dry, finely sand and clean again before applying your third and final coat.

The final step is to allow the piece of furniture to cure. It is recommended that you leave the wood to cure for around three days before using it or placing any cushions or items on top of it. 

If your outdoor furniture has already begun to show weather damage, don’t worry. We can restore your pieces to look like you just picked them up from the showroom!

Learn more about how we can restore your furniture back to new by contacting us today!