Five Frightening Fails with Wood Furniture

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Five Frightening Fails with Wood Furniture

Lots of scary things are starting to appear as we approach Halloween. Something scary for us is how wood furniture can be mistreated. Let us walk you through these five frightening fails you should avoid.

Fail #1 – Not using coasters or pads. It may be annoying to have to grab a coaster every time you want to put a drink down but forgoing it can damage your wood. Anything that is hot or cold can create those white rings on your furniture when the temperature reacts with the wood, so avoid placing cups or plates directly on the surface. Also, lamps or other items sitting on your wood surfaces could cause scratches, so felt pads are the way to go.

Fail #2 – Feet or paws on the furniture. This may seem obvious, but we want to make it clear that feet do not belong on your wood furniture. Certain shoes can cause damage to wood surfaces when you prop your feet up. Additionally, your furry friends can harm your wood with their nails and claws or sharp teeth, so keep them on the floor or in your lap instead.

Fail #3 – Too much heat. Your wood furniture can experience damage over time when it’s exposed to direct sunlight or heat from fireplaces or vents. Sunlight and heat can affect the finish on your wood and dry it out. It’s better to move your wood pieces away from heat sources or cover your windows if you don’t want to rearrange your furniture.

Fail #4 – Mixing polish and wax. Polish and wax can be good for your wood but avoid the temptation to combine them. Mixing them together just makes the surface of your wood gummy and leads to dirt and dust build up. If you want to use polish or wax for your wood, pick one or the other.

Fail #5 – Poor cleaning habits or materials. When you clean and how you clean are important for wood furniture. Letting a spill or mess sit on your wood can damage the surface, so it’s best to clean as soon as it happens. Also, check your cleaning products and the ingredients in them. Cleaners that are water-based can warp wood and affect the finish, and ammonia or other harsh agents can damage the finish as well.

Avoid these frightening fails to keep your wood furniture in its best shape. If you have an older piece of furniture that didn’t get the best care, give us a call. We’ll turn those scary mistakes into a beautiful masterpiece.