How to properly clean your antique furniture

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How to properly clean your antique furniture

  1. Vacuum the dust first. 

Using the brush attachment of your vacuum to clean your antique ensures that the dust is effectively swept up so that you aren’t spreading the dust around. Once you’ve vacuumed the dust, you can take a toothbrush and carefully clean the harder to reach places. Lastly, you can add a coat of furniture polish to keep it looking brand new! David Pender, Owner, recommends Liquid Gold Furniture Polish.

  1. Take care of lingering odors. 

You can set your piece outside on a warm, dry day and open up all of the doors and drawers. The fresh outdoor air works wonders on most lingering odors. Your antique will be safe sitting outside for a few days, but you need to ensure that it is shaded to avoid sun bleaching.

  1. Move your antique wood furniture properly.

Prior to moving, check for any loose or damaged joints. Chairs should be carried by the seat rails as opposed to the back, splat, top rail, or arms. Tables should be carried by the apron or the upper legs rather than by the top which could pull loose from the base. Beds should be taken apart before moving, rather than sliding them. Sliding the bed can break the rail that connects to the headboard or footboard.

When transporting furniture, it’s best to remove shelves and secure the doors. You will also want to use adequate padding and moving blankets to protect your pieces during transport.

  1. Avoid heat on your wood pieces.

We recommend not placing objects like hot paper plates, pizza boxes, and baking dishes right on your tabletop or other wood pieces. Even with a towel, tablecloth, or placemat, it’s important to use caution. The heat from these items will steam moisture into the finish of your tabletop and leave a milky white spot that will not go away on its own. 

We hope that these tips can help you maintain your antique furniture for as long as possible! If you have any piece of furniture or antique you need refinished, we are here to help you! Contact us today to get started.