Start Prepping Your Patio For The Warmer Months

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Start Prepping Your Patio For The Warmer Months

Have you started prepping your outdoor furniture for the spring? With such gorgeous weather lately, make sure that your patio furniture is cleaned, organized, and ready for you to enjoy those warm sunsets. 

1. Clean off your outdoor furniture. Oftentimes, people keep their outdoor furniture stored in the garage or sheds. This can cause the furniture to collect dirt, dust, and even unwanted insects. You can take your hose and spray down all your patio furniture to eliminate all the left behind dirt and grime. 

2. Scrub your patio furniture upholstery. Does your outdoor upholstery need a good scrubbing? You can safely scrub any furniture upholstery with a soft bristle brush, water, and a mild detergent to loosen any trapped dirt. 

3. Weather-proof your wood patio furniture. Did you know that your outdoor furniture can last decades if taken care of properly? The best way to prevent weathering on your favorite outdoor wooden pieces is to apply a sealant or a stain to them. Make sure you leave the wood to cure for around three days before using it or placing any cushions or items on top of it. 

4. Get your broken outdoor pieces repaired. Is your patio furniture damaged but you love it too much to replace it? Save yourself time and money by bringing us your damaged patio furniture, we can repair it for you!