4 Simple Ways to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Antiques

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4 Simple Ways to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Antiques

Did you know that leaving your furniture and antiques in direct sunlight can cause sun damage? Sun damage can ruin the quality of your valuable antiques by causing color fading, damage to the wood, and sometimes permanent damage. Here are 4 simple things you can do to protect your furniture and antiques. 

1. Move your furniture out of direct sunlight. Make sure that you keep your antique furniture, especially wooden furniture, out of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can fade out the colors in your  fabrics, woods, carpets, couches, and chairs overtime. 

2.  Hang curtains. Don’t let the sun ruin your antiques. Adding curtains to your windows will help limit the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays coming in. Curtains will also ensure that your upholstery and wooden furniture will stay protected from any further sun damage. 

3. Don’t forget your outdoor furniture. Your outdoor furniture needs to be protected from the weather year-round. Make sure you move your outdoor furniture to a shaded area or spray a water and sun shield over your outdoor furniture. 

4.  Let a professional help. Do you have sun-damaged furniture? Bring it to Pender’s Antique’s and let our highly talented team restore it back to its original beauty! 

Are you ready to restore your sun-damaged furniture? Contact us today at 919-876-5735 to get started on refinishing your sun-damaged furniture!