Scary Upholstery Mistakes To Avoid 

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Scary Upholstery Mistakes To Avoid 

Lots of scary things start to appear as Halloween creeps around the corner. Something scary for us is how upholstered furniture can be damaged. Let us walk you through these scary upholstery mistakes to avoid! 

1. Scrubbing Stains Instead Of Blotting. One of the most common mistakes you can make is trying to scrub the stain out of your furniture. Scrubbing the stain actually makes it worse by driving the dirt and stains further into the fabric fibers. Next time you spill something, firmly press on the stain and allow the towel to soak it up. 

2. Avoid Soaking Your Furniture. Did you know that water can leave unattractive watermarks on upholstery when it’s too wet? Next time you need to treat a stain, make sure you’re not soaking your upholstery. Instead, try steaming your furniture to help lift the dirt. 

3. Using The Wrong Tools To Clean. Brushes with hard bristles can cause lots of damage to your upholstered furniture. When cleaning your upholstery, it’s important that you’re using soft microfiber cloths that don’t leave lint behind to ensure that you aren’t causing any damage while cleaning your furniture. 

4. Using Excessive Heat. It’s common for people to steam their upholstered furniture as a way to clean and disinfect. However, it’s essential to make sure you know which fabrics don’t handle extreme heat, such as silk. 

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