Restore Your Furniture For The Holidays

Restore your furniture for the holidays | Pender's Raleigh Furniture

Restore Your Furniture For The Holidays

With all the upcoming holidays to host around this time of year, you should think about getting some of your furniture restored or repaired before your family and friends start gathering. Here are a few things you might need to get repaired or restored! 

  1. Dining Room Table. Your table is where you are going to be gathering around for all those delicious meals this season! No table is too big or too small for our pros to repair or restore. Whether you need it painted a new color or it needs to be completely repaired, we can help you.  
  2. Chairs. Whether it’s dining room chairs that all need to be painted a different color or your favorite ‘after dinner’ recliner isn’t working the way it used to, let us help you get your furniture in good shape before the holiday chaos. 
  3. Upholstery. Nothing can ruin your mood this holiday season like finding a food stain on your upholstered furniture! From knocked-over drinks to food stains, to dirt from shoes, your upholstery can take a lot of damage during the holidays. Once the chaos of the holiday season has passed, let us restore your furniture and make it look as good as new again.

Our restoration experts are ready to help you get your furniture cleaned up before the chaos of the holiday season. Ready to get started? Get a FREE quote today!