Vintage Furniture Trends of 2022

Vintage furniture trends of 2022

Vintage Furniture Trends of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we want to share the top vintage home furniture trends from this year. Vintage pieces add charm and character to any space. Below are our top three favorite trends. 

1.  Velvet Furniture. Velvet furniture made its return this year in fun, lighter colors to make a statement. Lighter shades of velvet allow other pieces to stand out. Do you have something you want to reupholster? The professionals at Pender’s can handle velvet and many types of fabric. 

2. Rattan and Caned Furniture. Rattan and caned furniture have been extremely popular this year. This type of vintage furniture and decor is adored by many because it’s durable and can be used indoors and outdoors. From chairs to end tables and light fixtures, it’s no wonder this type of furniture is trending. 

3. Bright & Bold Statement Colors. Neutral colors have always been a safe choice for most, but fun and bright colors are coming back to make a bigger statement than before. Adding a bold-colored or patterned piece is sure to brighten up any space. Do you have a sofa that could use a new look? Don’t be afraid to go bold! 

Let the trends from this year inspire you! Do you have any decor or furniture that you need to be repaired or restored? Get a free quote today and let the experts at Pender’s Antiques transform your favorite pieces.