3 Ways To Show Your Furniture Some Love

3 ways to show your funiture some love | Pender's Antiques furniture

3 Ways To Show Your Furniture Some Love

We clean our homes routinely, but sometimes we don’t always think to clean and care for our furniture or antiques. Whether you are looking to transform the look of your current furniture or you need to know how to properly clean a specific piece of furniture, this month, we want to share three ways you can show your furniture some love. 

1. Reupholster Older Furniture. 

From seat bottoms to antique sofas, our skilled upholstery team is ready to reimagine your current furniture. Not only is reupholstering your furniture a better choice financially but reupholstering your furniture is a better eco-friendly option by keeping old furniture out of landfills. What’s better than feeling like you have brand new furniture without the brand new price tag? 

2. Change The Look With Lacquer. 

Is your furniture looking a little dull? Lacquering furniture is one of today’s most talked about ways to improve the look of your home. We have the ability to lacquer your favorite table, desk, chest, dresser, and so much more. Taking your older furniture and transforming them into a bold color is a great way to give your furniture a brand-new look and feel. 

3. Let Us Refinish Your Furniture. 

Do you have an older piece of furniture that you LOVE but it’s showing signs of normal wear and tear or do you just need to mix, match, or tone your furniture? Let our team of experts show your furniture some love by restoring and transforming your furniture into something that fits your current style. Our team prides itself on giving each individual piece the attention it deserves. 

Ready to show your furniture and antiques some love this month? Our skilled team will transform the look of your older furniture. Get a FREE quote today to get started.