Four Ways to Show Love to Your Antiques

Four Ways to Show Love to Your Furniture

Four Ways to Show Love to Your Antiques

Keeping your antique pieces clean and safe will ensure they are around for years to come. Done improperly, you can further damage your valuable item. To ensure your preservation efforts are done correctly, we have outlined four things you can easily do to show love to your antiques to keep them functional and in the best shape. 

1. Move Your Antiques Safely: Are you planning on rearranging your antiques? Be sure to check for any loose or damaged joints. It’s important you are lifting your antiques instead of dragging them across the floor to avoid any damage. Use devices like trolleys or dollies for an easier and safer move.

2. Give Your Antiques a Clean: What better way to show your antiques some love than by giving them a good cleaning? When you clean your antiques, be sure to use soft brushes for dusting or a soft damp cloth for cleaning. This will help keep the furniture looking fresh and taken care of. It will also delay the potential of damage. While conducting the cleaning, take note of anything that might need repairs or special attention. 

3. Keep Your Antiques Protected: High-quality furniture paste wax is great for keeping your favorite antiques protected from moisture, dust, and dirt buildup. Furniture paste wax is long-lasting and won’t damage your antiques since it’s not permanent. Be sure to research the best kind for your item to ensure the highest results.

4. Restore Your Most Loved Antique: Do you have a favorite antique that needs extra tender loving care? Bring it to us, and let us restore your treasured piece and make it as good as new. We can take on nearly any project. View our gallery on our website, submit a photo reference of your project, or give us a call at 919.876.5735.

Your treasured pieces need the attention they deserve! To provide the best care be sure to move your antiques safely, clean with care, keep protected from damages, and have them professionally restored when necessary. If you have a favorite antique you want to restore, visit our website for a free quote. Our skilled team can refinish your antique and make it as good as new!